Episode 1


In the pilot episode, "Introduction", a naively independent girl and her family of survivors travel through a zombie-infested city in search of others like them. But when a corporate cult rescues them they must decide whether to stay in a walled-up utopia or rescue one of their own that was left behind.

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Welcome to the start of 'Survivors Don't Die' where your support transforms scripts into scenes and downloads into episodes.Dive into our pilot script for free and join our mission to reach 3,000 downloads, a milestone that will unlock the production of our pilot episode.Your feedback and viewership are the keys to this adventure, guiding us from script book to pilot premiere to a full independently produced series.This is storytelling with a twist, where every click, view, and share brings a thrilling new world closer to your screen.Be part of the story, be part of the survival of storytelling.



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Episode 2


In Episode 2, "Education," our survivors unravel the sinister truths of the Sanctuary District, as Yuki challenges its oppressive educational system and Zola exposes alarming medical secrets, revealing the dystopian depths of their alleged utopia.

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All visual depictions of individuals in this work are purely synthetic and created using CGI and Synthography techniques. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.



Set in 2123, during a zombie apocalypse we explore a corporatized city in chaos. Nuvitta was once a flourishing city for 3 million citizens. Now it's ravished by an undead pandemic that no one can stop.

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Welcome to NUVITTA

Nuvitta, founded by web3 moguls in 2068, is a pioneering example of a privatized real estate venture. For the last 55 years, it has leveraged technology to enhance human existence. The city once boasted advanced infrastructure, renewable energy sources, cutting-edge healthcare, and unique forms of transportation. It had set a gold standard for modern urban living.
A key innovation was using a Universal Basic Income (UBI) program. This ensured all citizens had their basic needs of food, housing, and water met. This improved mental and physical well-being for all citizens, fueling rapid technological and social innovations.
Two years after the city became ground zero for The X80 Infection, the streets are no longer safe. Only 1% of 3 million citizens fight to survive. Hordes of undead are attracted to sound and movement. Prowling the streets for their next meal. Survivors have ditched their automatic weapons and made do with silent alternatives to protect themselves.Worst of all, Nuvitta was known for the largest population of augmented citizens before the infection. With a community of 600k augmented individuals, it’s believed a majority of them are now Zomborgs. These zombies have implanted technology in their bodies that allows them to run faster, hear better, bite harder, and hunt with a precision that has never been seen in the horror genre.As survivors become far and few between, a large wall separates the city’s eastern border. Survivors have called this place THE HIVE. But little do they know, beyond this wall is a sanctuary trying to return to the community Nuvitta once nurtured.



In 2120, a meteoroid the size of a basketball landed in a convenience shop in the northern district of Brightwell - releasing a fungal spore into the air. This alien spore found that humans were a prime host for its reproduction process. The disease was originally coined Disseminated X80 Mucormycosis, shortened to The X80 infection.There are three stages of infection.Stage 1: Dormant Airborne Exposure
Because the fungal spore is delivered through the air, it is believed that the entire population of Nuvitta has been infected. The mold can remain dormant in the body’s bloodstream for an undetermined number of years. People rarely have any side effects.
Stage 2: Extreme Serotonin Exposure
When X80 is exposed to large doses of serotonin, as seen when the host body dies - the buildup of mold begins an unprecedented growth period. This chemical reaction can take up to 36-hrs. The fungus can then reanimate and control the host body.
To keep the host functioning, however, the mutated fungus must consume living flesh. This can cause hosts to perform violent acts they may not have been capable of performing before the mutation.This effect can also be induced by certain antidepressants.It is recommended that all bodies upon natural death be burned before the mutation can take hold.Stage 3: Dormant Contact with a Mutated Strain
When hosts with a dormant version of X80 are exposed to a mutated strain through the exchange of a bite or direct contact with mutated blood, they will experience a more rapid-fire growth stage. This growth period can take anywhere from 30-sec 1hr to complete.
Once turned, hosts will experience the same desires for living flesh and perform violent acts to feed the mutated infection within their bodies.Can zombies be cured? There is some debate as to whether the mutation of the fungal spore can be removed/healed. Many believe that the only cure is a bullet to the head.

What is a Zomborg?

Noun - ZOM·BORGS [ zom-bawrgz ]

  1. A group of people who have augmented their bodies with technology and were later infected by the X80 infection. Now capable of running, thinking, jumping, and biting faster, harder, and stronger than any normie zombie unalive.



OLD TOWN - Historical District - Located at the center of the city, this is where the original buildings were built and later converted into the political square. Many city functions, celebrations, and announcements took place here.CAMBRIA - Business District - State-of-the-art high-rises and office buildings tower over the city from Cambria. This is where many innovators, financiers, artists, and technology scientists worked.SALT TOWN - Residential & Educational District - This residential and educational district had middle-class housing. The schools in this district serviced everyone in the city. Hosting preschool to college, most civilians were comfortable in this part of town.HARLEY BAY - Transportation District - The location of Nuvitta's port patrol, this district used to service sailors and their families. Those who lived in this district were usually "lower-middle class" and tied to jobs of service (police, firefighter, military, etc.)DOGHILL - Entertainment District in Nuvitta - Doghill was best known for its great nightlife, entertainment venues, and some of the best restaurants in the world. Those who lived in this area were mostly single, upper-middle-class citizens.BRIGHTWELL - Upper-Class District - This district was where the majority of the wealthiest Nuvitta residents lived. McMansions, family-focused neighborhoods, and well-maintained parks. This is where you wanted to raise children and where you looked forward to growing old.SOUTHGATE - Low-Income District - This district was a residential district where low-income and affordable housing was built. It included several parks and agricultural towers. Many who lived and worked here were food- and customer-service technicians or lived exclusively on UBI with no additional credits.DARKYARD - Network District - This district is where those who worked for the Nuvitta Network lived and worked. This included technicians, developers, and tech nerds. It is where our heroes set up their bunker for the last few years.THE HIVE - Sanctuary District - Six months after the pandemic annihilated the Nuvitta public, a large WALL was 3D-printed around a small section of Salt Town. Survivors were unaware of who was behind the structure but made note of the Bee-like drones that patrolled it. Anyone who got too close to the wall was never seen again. It is known by many as, The Hive.

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The world is filling up fast with new technological advances. With the explosion of generative AI, UE5, and Blender we've heard that the entertainment industry is being democratized and now everyone can make movies.Well, we've been making films and videos since the 90's. So we figured let's see what this tech can really do.Because we have no interest in moving to Hollywood, we're pitching our ideas directly to you.With your attention and feedback, we'll be able to determine which stories are worth producing into a fully-fledged indie streaming series.

Step 1

We write a pitch & pilot. We visualize it using AI & CGI. We publish as a book & audiobook.

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We make badass promo videos & scenes to bring the world to life on youtube.

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YOU find the story that resonates. Download the screenplay and tell us
what you think.

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At 3k Downloads we begin production on the pilot episode that will be released on youtube for all to watch.

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At 300k Views we begin exploring the next steps to bring the entire season to life - and keep you posted.

This is an experimental project. Goal numbers are subject to change.


We're a 2-person team that has been making stuff together for over 15 years. Between us, we have over 40 years of post-production experience.In this season of our creative journey, we're aiming to get back to our roots. That time in our lives when we were making films in our garages with and for our friends.With the latest technological advances, we're eager to see if these "new tools" can really help enhance the creative filmmaking process - especially for indie productions.We use generative AI, CGI, real-time animation, and traditional post-production techniques to bring our stories to life.


Creative Producer / Screenwriter / Director / 3D Generalist / Mocap Artist / Voice Performer / Synthographer / Post Production Specialist / White Board Specialist / Resident Chaos Wrangler


Creative Producer / Screenwriter / Director / 3D Generalist / Mocap Artist / Voice Performer / Synthographer / Post Production Specialist / 3D Print Designer / Resident Documentarian

Creating Responsibly


We agree that people should know what was made exclusively by humans and what was AI-assisted. That's why we have a "Made with Synthography" badge that we began using in 2023.This badge is printed on all of our products (published in 2023 onward) that used AI in some shape or form in their creation.While our work involves human writing, design, and process some of the image generation and text editing is done with tools like midjourney, stable diffusion, Dall-E and chatGPT.



In a world besieged by cybernetic zombies, a group of survivors finds false sanctuary within a corporate utopia, only to uncover that the true terror may not be the zomborgs prowling outside, but the corporate machinations within.



SURVIVORS DON'T DIE zooms us into 2123, where the world's playing a high-stakes game of survival against cyborg zombies. Enter the Sanctuary District, humanity’s last “safe spot,” courtesy of the benevolent Nuvitta Corporation.Spoiler alert: their definition of safety might include some fine print.Leading our tour through this future dystopia is a squad that's more mismatched than socks in a laundry basket. We've got Oli Callahan, the brains; Yuki and Tim Russo, the tech whizzes who probably reboot zombies for fun; Dr. Zola Bule, the skeptical mediator; and Ji Hardy, who's all muscle and maybe more heart than he’d admit. Together, they're about to learn that the zombies clawing at the gates might be the least of their worries.Dive deeper with them into Sanctuary’s glossy exterior. The Program, led by the mysterious CEO Amala Von Brandt, might just be the cure for human consciousness. Here, survivors are holding on to a life of comfort, as Nuvitta's shadowy agenda threatens the core of what it means to be human.SURVIVORS DON'T DIE is more than just a survival tale with a side of corporate espionage. It’s a poke at identity, humanity, and the price of a utopia sponsored by the folks who probably caused the mess in the first place.Set against a backdrop of techno-terrors and a company that's too shady for comfort, this series is a wild ride through what happens when the future we dreamed of becomes the nightmare we didn't see coming. Will our unlikely heroes navigate this mess, or will they find themselves wishing for the simpler times of just dodging regular old zombies?

Episode 1


In this pilot episode, "Introduction", a naively independent girl and her family of survivors travel through a zombie-infested city in search of others like them. But when a corporate cult rescues them they must decide whether to stay in a walled-up utopia or rescue one of their own that was left behind.

Episode 2


In Episode 2, "Education," our survivors unravel the sinister truths of the Sanctuary District, as Yuki challenges its oppressive educational system and Zola exposes alarming medical secrets, revealing the dystopian depths of their alleged utopia.

In Production

Episode 3


Tim breaks into the Sanctuary District with the help of a Zomborg. Our survivors are tested on their worthiness to remain in The Sanctuary District. These tests reveal the true nature of the community’s intention, forcing our heroes to question their loyalties and desire for survival.


Episode 4


Forced to participate in the Audit, our crew faces their past and reveals to the Nuvitta Corporation just how useful they will be to the survival of humanity. Just as they battle with the not-so-voluntary circumstances of their new home, our heroes will discover that others want to leave The Sanctuary District too.


Episode 5


During our crew’s attempt to flee their new home, they unveil Nuvitta’s dark secrets. Their commitment to each other forces the hand of the city’s CEO to threaten Yuki’s only family left. Militarized protocols are put in place to keep the population under control. The City CEO is determined to stamp out any form of insurgence.


Episode 6


As our group of survivors rebels against Nuvitta’s oppressive regime, they experience tense confrontations with community leaders. Meanwhile, Tim arrives with a stronger army and a “winner takes all” focus to save his family.


Episode 7


The survivors face their final challenge as Yuki undergoes the cure against her will. The survivors must confront their deepest fears and fight for their survival in a race against time. Will they succeed in breaking free from Nuvitta’s grasp and find a way to save humanity?